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These guidelines serve as a "thumbnail" sketch. Please call the raceway before you do anything "questionable" or purchase items that may not be permitted in you chosen classes. 

MINI BRUTES  (Hill-climb)
There are very few restrictions on the car:
  • No "Wing Car" bodies or Chassis
  • Must not be wider than 3.250" at any point
  • Must have 1/16" clearance under rear of car and gear.
  • JK MINI BRUTE motor w/11-tooth 64-pitch pinion gear track
BODY: Various '60's and early '70's bodies available from PARMA, JK, VFC that fit 4.5" FCR chassis
CLEARANCE: All cars must have a minimum 1/16" clearance (.063") at all points including crown gear at the start of all racing segments.
WIDTH: 3.250" Maximum width at any point on car. 
MOTOR:  JK HAWK-25 with 9/30 (48 pitch gearing)
MISC:  1/8" axles front & rear.  Non-independent fronts only.  150g minimum weight 
WHEELS & TIRES: Front wheels must be wide foam fronts (.820 min diameter .500 min width).  Rears must be minimum 7/8" diameter.  
CHASSIS: JK #2600, R-Geo, REALITY RACING OR Modified 4" FCR.  1/8" axles front & rear
MOTOR: JK Hawk-25
GEARS: any 10-tooth 48-pitch pinion gear, 28-tooth Crown
BODY: JK 62361-C or REALITY Style Paper Bodies
TIRES: Rear: .850 Minimum diameter, .800 Maximum Width.  
              Front: .850 Minimum diameter, .800 Maximum Width, .675 Minimum Width
                          (left front)
WEIGHT: 130 gram minimum
Chassis can be any currently produced stamped chassis available through normal Dealer/Distributor channels. Racer may use any lightweight steel or aluminum pieces produced for a chassis by its manufacturer. 
Front axle must be one piece and pass through both uprights and support both front wheels. Front wheels must be two piece; a plastic or aluminum hub with a black rubber O-ring "tire", minimum diameter is 1/2".
Rear axle may be 1/8" or 3/32". No Ball Bearings. Gears my be 48 or 64 pitch. Rear of car and gear must clear by 1/16".
JK HAWK-6 or HAWK-7 
Body must be GTP style, commercially produced and readily available through normal Dealer/Distributor channels. No air control devices may be added. Must include a driver figure.
Guidelines are the same as MY SERIES GTP with the following exceptions:
Allowable chassis: JK X-24, JK Cheetah 7 (.030 only), JK Cheetah 11 (.025 or .030), JK Cheetah 21, JK Cheetah X-25 or Cheetah "A-43".
Allowable bodies: Any currently produced JK LMP/GT-1 style body. For a complete list go to or  
All cars will be powered by a JK PRODUCTS Hawk Retro Motor.
All cars will use JK PRODUCTS Plastic Hub rear tires. 
Allowable chassis: The whole idea of this class is to get back to some winged-car racing CHEAPLY. With that in mind, you are encouraged to dig your old Group-12 car out of your race box, put in one of a variety of cheap motors and go racing! Minimum weight: 63 grams. No Ball Bearings.
Allowable bodies: Any commercially produced, readily available "wing-car" body.
Motors: JK's Hawk-6 or Hawk-7, TSR'S Falcon-7 or D3 motors are all allowed.
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